When Will I Use Math?

Many of our students don’t see the relevance in what they’re learning in math classes. Sometimes this may be related to the teaching strategies used in class. We often miss that mathematical modeling is the key to making predictions, explaining the world around us, and having chances to improve our world for each other and ourselves.

Dan Meyer’s work shows how to turn textbook problems or everyday situations into guided explorations that capture the spirit of mathematics.

We Use Math introduces the work of many professionals who rely on mathematics in their work. (BYU Dept. of Math, 2010)

The Mathematics of Love applies a mathematical perspective to patterns in relationships…and arms races. (Dr. Hannah Fry, 2014)

What is Calculus Used For? discusses ethically difficult scenarios in the field of human health that use mathematical modeling. (Jeff Heys, 2012)

What Is Math About? details how mathematics is fundamentally about something deeper than numbers and logic. (Masao Morita, 2012)

Mathematics and Sex explains evolutionary roots of our brains. (Dr. Cleo Cresswell, 2014)

As a side note, I enjoyed meeting Mike Byster in the Chicago area years ago. He’s got great strategies for teaching kids to feel competent with calculations that sound difficult to most of us.


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