Partnering with Parents

The Background  It’s the second week of school. I’ve only seen my kids four times this year. So when the inevitable question “How’s my kid doing?” came up, I confidently and thoroughly communicated my that I have no clue whatsoever. “He’s a nice kid. Academically? I’ll know more soon. I’ve collected a couple of work samples that I’d like to look through.” So what made this so heartwarming?

The Partnership  What a caring parent! It was great to build this relationship from the ground up, in a get-to-know-you fashion. This is a strong foundation for the rest of the year. I’m striving to do this with a greater number of families.

The Outline  Here are the conference questions I used. Keep in mind that asking them verbatim off the page is not the goal of the conversation. In fact, I didn’t ask the seventh question so I can only vouch for the first six. They worked wonders!


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