A Tale of Two Characteristics

I recently worked with a twice exceptional student. She tested into a gifted program while showing signs of the Autism spectrum. At times it felt like this student was highly capable when available for learning. I am thrilled that she enthusiastically enjoying the course, though I found myself worrying about her pencil-and-paper gains.

Sarah Sparks detailed some valuable advice on twice exceptional students, in this case describing gifted students with ADHD.

They say when we’ve got teaching all figured out, it’s time to retire; that sounds about right. And yet, it’s hard to go home from class realizing you’re solely responsible for implementing changes to the learning environment that can increase the accessibility of your curriculum for students with such needs.

None of us is an expert in every kid we meet. Maybe recognizing that is key to forgiving ourselves for our shortcomings. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “since I have more experience, I should have all the answers.” Let’s just keep asking the right questions and seeking out new ways to connect with our students!


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