A Generation of Creators

When I temped at Enesco Corporation for one summer during college, the quality of their communications and law departments really impressed me. “These people are professional, and they are smart,” I remember thinking. “Where did they go to university?” Having racked up teaching experience rather than corporate experience since then, I try to stay attuned to what employers are looking for in the 21st Century Workforce.

My favorite classroom communities have centered around a balance of individual skill work and teamwork with empathy; creativity with multiple representations of concepts; problem-solving that extends beyond reproducing “what a teacher showed you,” since that really isn’t my definition of problem-solving.

I felt validated by this article from Mind/Shift. We need to tinker more! We need a spirit of exploration in the classroom — all the way through high school. Let’s cultivate a passionate enthusiasm for learning by having students be creators in addition to receivers of information. How could that possibly hurt our society? If you have 28 minutes to spare, this video is well worth watching. I particularly enjoyed the brief comments on divergence and convergence near the end. Ted: Tales of Creativity and Play

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